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Chapter 1.5

Chapter 1.5

A/N: Welcome back to the Keller family. Starting this chapter, I will be narrating their adventures in a more casual, observational style. It comes more naturally to me when writing Sims legacy stories, and it will be more conducive to me actually finishing the challenge. Who knows though, maybe one day I will pick the plotty style back up again!

So my roll for gen 2 was to have 5 kids and the misc. fun goal was for them to be half-siblings. Fun, right? I already cheated at this a little bit by making sure Sophie had at least one set of twins. This is my other sort of cheat: meet Aoife Keller, baby #5 and freshly adopted! Hey, I think it counts. She just won't be eligible to be heir. Also, Sophie and I were both tired of her having to seduce so many guys! Poor Dominic lol; he's been through enough. 

 Poor Ada is not too happy about the new arrival. She probably thought the days of stinky diapers were behind the Keller family. Not quite yet! 

This is an updated view of the main and so far only floor of the house. I'm not very good at building or decorating houses, and the Kellers are still too poor to do very much anyway. 

Sophie reads to her genius son for his Whiz Kid aspiration in her underwear of course as any normal parent would do. 

Aww, I got most of the family in this shot, all except Duncan. You can see how all of their furniture and appliances are still super cheap. Only Dom has an actual job. Sophie can't make any money from writing songs until she gets to level 8 in guitar, which is taking a long ass time! She could go out busking more often, but with 5 kids now that's kinda impossible. 

These two nerds are adorable and like to do their homework together. Fergus? He never autonomously does his homework, but then again he is Erratic, which is the Sims 4 or child version of Insane I guess. 

I bought Seasons and the Parenthood game pack. That means I have Seasons, Get to Work, City Living, Get Together, Cats and Dogs, and the Parenthood pack. 

School projects are super cute. Duncan, no surprise, gets right to work on his! Fergus would rather play games on the computer, lol. 

Tada! With a little help from Dom, it's all done. 

Dom's face looks so intense here, I just noticed lol. Aoife is a pretty good toddler. I forget her toddler trait, but she isn't super needy, and she loves spending time with Dom. 

This, I'm pretty sure, is Darwin Bheeda as a teen. He's one of Tristan's friends. He might make a good potential partner for one of gen 2. 

Toddler bathtime is adorable, even with Sophie in her underwear as per usual. I swear she wears nothing else. 

An update on the house. The second floor has nothing in it yet though, waiting on more funds lol. But it's not too bad for a pre-made house that I've slowly added on to. 

Ignore Tristan's pouty lip. He's the angstiest teen ever! He's always in a bad mood lol. He is happy to see his friend and potential crush Cole though. Cole is so buff and so white it's kinda hilarious lol. Someone should let him know other colors exist. 

Ada completed her child aspiration, Artistic Prodigy, with a day left before her birthday. Great job, Ada! She's also on track to grow up with the Responsible trait as a YA. She's a goody-two-shoes but an adorable one, and she's also learned how to phase through walls lol. 

Cole is now a YA, and he's still as buff and white as ever lol. He's pretty cute though. I feel like he and Tristan would make a cute couple. Here is where I should tell you that Tristan is definitely not the heir. His Hates Children trait is already too annoying with his siblings around. I do not want to deal with it more by forcing him to have kids when he doesn't want to. 

Aoife continues to be cute and also messy. Enjoy this last adorable toddler picture. Soon, finally, we will no longer have any babies or toddlers in the house! 

I got the notification that Dom is not long for this world. The age difference between him and Sophie was rather large. I decided he deserved a break, and he retired at level 8 of the E-Sports branch of the Tech Guru career. Then I later realized he would not be able to achieve his aspiration, because the last milestone required being at least level 5 of Tech Guru, and I facepalmed so hard. Sorry, Dom. I was really trying to get you that aspiration! By the way, I suck so hard at Sims 4 aspirations. It really is a huge achievement for me to fulfill them or to get sims to the tops of their careers. Careers and aspirations are way harder in Sims 4 than in any other Sims game, jeez.  

Wow, Aoife looks so determined to grow up into a child here. Also, will Sophie ever wear her everyday outfit? The answer is no. 

Aoife is a cute kid, and she rolled Geek. I'm sure she'll get along swimmingly with her Genius older brother Duncan. 

No matter how cute you get though, Aoife, you still can't be heir, sorry. You're not blood related to Sophie. :/ 

Ha, I knew they'd get along. Aoife wants to be a Whiz Kid just like Duncan so it's off to play several matches of chess! 

By the way, Aoife is pronounced like Eva but with a softer f sound instead of a v. It's an Irish name that means "beauty." 

All of gen 2 have Gaelic names, except for Ada. Tristan means "sad," which is appropriate given how moody of a teen he is. Ada is an English name that means "noble." Duncan means "brown" and "battle." And Fergus means "man of vigor." :)

 Time for Miss Ada to grow up into a teen. Please excuse how gross their house has become. They do have a maid, but with 7 sims in the house, things can get nasty fasty (that was a typo, but it's so funny I had to leave it in lol).

Oh wow, her features are super unique. As you recall, her dad is Mortimer Goth. I'm actually really loving her looks and how Morty's genes combined with Sophie's. I was honestly leaning toward one of the twins as heir, but damn, Ada looks great!

She rolled Jealous as her trait (considering who her mom is, can you blame her?) lol. I gave her the aspiration of Painter Extraordinaire, because she received the Creatively Gifted trait from completing her child aspiration. If she becomes the heir though, that aspiration will likely need to change! 

Anyway, I think that will be it for this chapter. Stay tuned. :) 


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